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Wildbacher IGT 2013 Rosso by Col Sandago

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Tasting notes of the wine Wildbacher Igt 2013 Rosso by Col Sandago

Tasting notes of the wine Wildbacher IGT 2013 

The Wildbacher Igt 2013 Rosso Col Sandago wine shows a pleasant deep red color. The nose is vigorous and complex with ripe fruit flavors of forest fruits, cherries and plums, with refined herbaceous notes, which make it in the balsamic ensemble and to exalt its particularity are the sweet spices, excellent black pepper, a slight tobacco in the distance and impeccable the woody. On the palate it remains elegant, energetic, full-bodied, slightly sapid, well-structured in decisive, immediate, but balanced tannins, good acidity strengthens the character and adds flavor to the great personality of this wine, which in the end remains fresh and confirms the rich bouquet .

Grapes: 100% Wildbacher
Alcohol: 13% vol

The company that produces this label is Col Sandago

This winery, like many others in this area, is suited to the production of Prosecco, but the peculiarity that distinguishes it among others is the Wildbacher, a red berry vine, arrived from Styria which is located in Austria. If we still talk about Wildbacher today, it is thanks to Col Sandago, who in his time placed this grape on some rows and is still among its vineyards. And so was born the legendary wine that is the Wildbacher Igt Rosso by Col Sandago.


Additional Info

  • Tipo: Rosso

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