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Sileno Ciliegiolo 2016 Toscana IGT by Sator

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Sileno Ciliegiolo 2016 Toscana IGT by Sator

Tasting notes of the wine Sileno Ciliegiolo 2016 Toscana IGT by Sator

Silenus is a suggestive name that recalls a character belonging to Greek mythology, a sort of forerunner of the most noble Dionisio. And this is precisely one of those cases where one can freely say Nomen Omen, because "Silenus" by Sator is a truly intoxicating wine.

It has an intense ruby ​​color with hints of purple, the nose spreads like a fortuitous and surprising encounter, ranging from an intense fresh red fruit, ripe cherry, marasca cherry, pomegranate seeds and cider epiphanies embellished with unexpected fragrant notes. then finish with delicate spicy nuances of black pepper and nutmeg. On the palate it is fresh with a perfectly balanced but manifest tannic texture. Excellent persistence.

Year: 2016
Denomination: IGT Toscana
Grapes: 100% Ciliegiolo
Alcohol: 13.5%
Serving temperature: 16 - 18 C °

The winery that produces this label is Sator

A historic estate that was synonymous with great and appreciated Chianti until the 1990s, when the company ceased its activity. But since 1995 the Poggiali family, owner of the nearby Felsina, bought the land and started a project to replant the vineyards, from cloned selections of the oldest vines. The Pagliarese grapes, before the 2015 harvest, were used by the Poggiali family for the assembly of the mother's wines, but from this date on, Giovanni Poggiali decided to re-evaluate, with his original name, the historic brand.



Additional Info

  • Tipo: Rosso

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