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Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018 of Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018 Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018
Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018|| Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018|| ||

Tasting of the white wine Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018 of the Emilian company Vigneto delle Terre Rosse.

Let us taste Chardonnay Giovanni Vallania IGT 2018

It comes in color with an elegant garnet red. On the nose, it expresses a broad bouquet of cherries, currants, and blackberries, pleasant and delicate vegetal notes of undergrowth humus and wild mint followed by very balanced hints of spices and leather. On the palate, it coherently confirms the olfactory suggestions, tactile embellished in the mouth by an intense but silky tannic texture, the finish is persistent, warm and soft, a harmonious interpretation that exploits and maximizes the potential of this famous Bordeaux vine. Enrico Vallania's Cuvée derives from the only native lineage and is aged for four years

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Alcohol: 14.5%

 The company that produces this label is Vigneto delle Terre Rosse

The Terre Rosse Vineyard Company is located in Zola Predosa in the province of Bologna in Emilia Romagna. There are numerous testimonies in Roman and medieval times of the wine history of this land, just think that the hilly Zolese territory was a point of passage of the ancient Via dei Brentatori, who were authorized to transport the wine by means of the "brenti", taste it and to evaluate the price depending on the quality and collect the taxes. They were great wine connoisseurs and for this reason, we can define them as the first sommeliers in history.



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  • Tipo: Bianco

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