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Pompeii I.G.T. Pompeiano Bianco 2018 by Bosco de' Medici

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Tasting notes of the white wine Pompeii I.G.T. Pompeiano Bianco 2018 from the Bosco company of Bosco de 'Medici

Tasting of Bianco Pompeii wine I.G.T. Pompeiano Bianco 2018

Bosco de’ Medici

Tasting notes of the white wine “Pompeii wine I.G.T. Pompeiano Bianco 2018”

The Pompeii IGT 2018 white wine has a straw yellow color; the olfactory range at the nose has delicate aromas of apricot, mulberry, floral hints of broom and Mediterranean scrub and subtle earthy notes. The softness is discreet on the palate, while the minerality is pronounced with a good structure. A peculiarity: it is a partially fermented and vinified wine in terracotta amphora, about 30%, about 70% is fermented and vinified in steel. A white wine to enjoy even immediately.

Grapes: 100% Caprettone
Alcohol: 13% vol.

The company that produces this label is Bosco de 'Medici

They are a company that has been located on the slopes of Vesuvius, in Pompeii, for more than 20 years. Characterized by passion and dedication it is run by the Palomba and Monaco families who have chosen biological management for these lands. Vines over 35 years old are mixed with centenary grapes from the bottom In 2014 Giuseppe Palomba and Antonio Monaco inherited the management of the company, which has its roots in the lands that were of the ancient Medici family of Florence.

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