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Cinqueperlogonovo Toscana Igt 2014 by Logonovo

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Tasting of the Cinqueperlogonovo Toscana Igt 2014 by Logonovo

Let us taste the Cinqueperlogonovo 2014 red wine

Ruby red in colour with shades of deep purple the Cinqueperlogonovo 2014 immediately gives the impression of a proud and dominant character that is also long lasting and balanced, imparting a lasting pleasure that portends an even more exciting future. It has an intense aroma full of hints of wild woodland fruit and plums, while offering exciting flowery notes similar to wilting violets, with reminders of light, persistent, soft, warm and full-bodied spices that are not only fresh but also boast important tannins. It is a blend of Merlot (35%), Sangiovese (30%), Syrah (20%), Sagrantino (10%) and Petit Verdot (5%) grapes and aged for one year in oak barrels. It is exciting in the glass.

This label is produced on the Logonovo farm:

Logonovo lies in the midst of vast stretches of vineyards that seem to lose themselves on the horizon. A place that was once without any vineyards at all. An uncontaminated island within the Castelgiocondo di Frescobaldi estate. This farm’s destiny perhaps incorporates the name of Marco Keller. This man tackled an incredible challenge when he decided to buy some land in the production area of the Brunello, which he was forbidden to produce. This alone shows how this impatient and creative character’s mind worked for, thanks to the imaginative collaboration of his oenologist and consultant Roberto Cipresso, he managed to create vineyards, which formerly did not exist, by planting a stimulating choice of clones of Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Sagrantino grapes. This innovative instinct exemplifies every meaning behind the name of the Logonovo farm.


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