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Pugnitello - Roccapesta

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Wine Tasting of the Pugnitello, a red wine from the Roccapesta in Tuscany


Pugnitello Toscana I.G.T. is a wine that conquers from the very first sip. 


Pugnitello is a wine that conquers from the very first sip.


Let us taste the Pugnitello Toscana I.G.T.

Pugnitello is made from a native Maremma grape, capable of fully releasing its wild and decided flavour and making this the perfect wine for those seeking new experiences and sensations. Its singularity is also due and perhaps even emphasized by a limited production of 1500 bottles a year. It is a bright and intense red in colour, tending to purple. Its fruity and soft flavour conquers the drinker from the first sip, making it an absolute must for special social occasions.

About the winery: Roccapesta
One of the symbolic farms at Scansano and in the Maremma that however boasts an international flavour. The native grapes blend quite happily with the fruit of vines from other areas to become a beautifully balanced blend, ensuring that the wines from this farm contain an added value.


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