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Lupicaia 2011 – Castello del Terriccio

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Wine tasting of the Lupicaia, a red wine from the winery Castello del Terriccio in Tuscany

Lupiacaia 2011. It is a decisive tuscan red wine with a well-balanced acidity



Let us taste the Lupicaia 2011

It is a decisive red wine with a well-balanced acidity. Matured in casks and in barrels for at least 20 months, its bouquet bears the scent of wild berries. Powerful yet delicate in the mouth, its floral components incorporate reminders of roses and liquorice, while it is a harmonious blend of acidity, alcohol and tannin to taste. Perfect therefore for memorable occasions and delicious with lamb.

About the winery: Castello del Terriccio
This estate boasts a long and varied history. Many lives, from the Etruscans to the old feudal lords, are linked to it, but its real history dates from the end of the Second World War, when the Counts Serafini Serri transformed the property to concentrate on the production of fine wines. Love of this territory, kissed by the sun and bathed by the sea, can be felt throughout the line.


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