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Monday, 10 June 2019 09:29

The wine critic Robert Parker retires

Robert Parker abandons the world of wine Robert Parker abandons the world of wine
Robert Parker abandons the world of wine Robert Parker abandons the world of wine ||

The Wall Street Journal defined Robert Parker the most powerful wine critic of our times.

His opinions were able to change the history of a wine and ensure the success of numerous wineries. 50 years of opinions that involved, among others, Californian, French, and Italian wineries.

The turning point of his renown occurred in 1978, when he started writing his early reviews and published a newsletter called The Wine Advocate Baltimore-Washington. The winning move was to send a complimentary copy to some US wine dealers; from then on, the number of subscribers never ended, making it the most influential magazine in the world. Parker became renowned also due to his 100-point scale wine ratings.

Federvini mentioned that " Robert Parker’s leap dates back to 1983 when he reviewed the 1982 Bordeaux that several critics had considered mediocre, labeling the vintage as too ripe to age well. Parker instead described it in enthusiastic terms, and time proved him right”

Since then, nothing has stopped his ascent.

For its local wines, Italy prefers to continue to refer to the most influential national guides. Nevertheless, Italian winemakers take into account Robert Parker’s opinions, always trying to score high in The Wine Advocate.

Robert Parker announced: "It’s now time I give up all editorial and board responsibilities”, referring to the magazine “The Wine Advocate”, that has changed hands, first to a Singapore Fund, and now the Michelin Group.

Who is Robert Parker?

The history-major and oenologist was born in Baltimore, and took his first steps in the wine world in 1967 in France, during a wine-tour vacation with Patricia, who would later become his wife. In 1975 he edited an independent guide to advise consumers, and three years later he created the influential by-monthly magazine The Wine Advocate, which passed from 600 subscribers in 1978, to the current loyal 50,000 readers; the magazine is issued in all the United States and in 37 countries; it’s been on line since 2002 and it is now also a website with ecommerce showcases.

The editorial staff at Italy’s Finest Wines wishes all the best to our colleague and friend Robert Parker, who we respect and admire.


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