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Mario Notaroberto Mario Notaroberto
Mario Notaroberto Mario Notaroberto ||

 Mario Notaroberto, a charismatic entrepreneur, is the pivotal force of this Azienda. A resident of Luxembourg he has invested with his family in his land of origin, Campania.

The Azienda Albamarina is located in the province of Salerno, between Centola and Foria, in the South of Italy, on a low hill, at an altitude of about 300-350 meters above sea level, perfect for the typical vines of this area like Aglianico and Fiano.

Mario Notaroberto

 Here the landscape is unique in the world and gives the impression of history encountering nature, offering the observer: rocky ridges, a river which appears as if it were set, the Lambro, which flows placidly amongst steep slopes, and the vivid blue of the sea of Palinuro forms the backdrop to little sandy coves, marine caves, natural arches, saracen towers and ancient forts worn by time.

The 24 hectares of the property, protected behind by the imposing bulk of the monte Bulgheria, have been allocated to different cultivations: 10 hectares to viticulture, and the remaining to olive groves and orchards.

Vigneti nel Cilento Albamarina

The production is of about 25.000 bottles produced annualy in various labels: two white wines: Valmezzana Cilento Fiano D.O.P. And Primula Fiano I.G.P. Paestum both pure Fiano, two red wines: Agriddi Aglianico D.O.P. Cilento and Futos Aglianico I.G.P. Paestum, and the Maricinè a rosè of Aglianico I.G.P. Paestum

The grapes which are utilized in the cellar have a long history in the Campania region, and in the last years, are enjoying an increase of interest, thanks to the fact that the wine-growing regions in the italian south are investing in modernization of techniques and equipment for vinification, and furthermore in the desire, like that of the Notaroberto family, to revitalize the autoctonous and classical varieties.

It must be underlined, that in connection to this, the Albamarina development program, provides a plot of land for research on autoctonous vines of Cilento for the Università Statale di Milano, Agraria faculty, for the purpose of carrying out a research on the vines used in Cilento in bygone times, curated by the Director of the Agraria Faculty Prof. Attilio Scienza. The experimentation will take place – on onehundred vines of the different varieties which are about fifty, to then proceed to a microvinification, and so establish which are the vines to put in production to create a typically cilentano genotype.

A truly important challenge for Albamarina, which goes to confirm the interest existing for Cilento, seen as an excellent production area of Aglianico and which the experts of the sector as regards the Cilento Aglianico D.O.C. have, already for some time defined it “Barolo of the South”.

Additional Info

  • Address: Località Badia, 84051 Centola (SA)
  • Phone number: +39 3495066001
  • Website: www.fattorialbamarina.com
  • e-mail: contact@fattorialbamarina.com
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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