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Apollonio 1870

Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio, the owners Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio, the owners
Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio, the owners Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio, the owners |||

Located in Salento, Apulia, in the municipality of Monteroni di Lecce, the Apollonio winery is just a few miles off Lecce and is part of the Negramaro Park. . 

The planes of the Valle della Cupa, the flat area surrounding Lecce featuring a vast karstic depression, surround the 70-hectar winery.

Like in all the Salento area, vineyards, olive groves, wheat fields, and the many masseria, mark the countryside typical of this history-exuding land.

Apollonio 1870 vigneti in Puglia

Founded in 1870 by Noè Apollonio, the family-run winery has reached its fourth generation. The two entrepreneurs Marcello and Massimiliano Apollonio manage the winery; the latter is a qualified enologist as well as the president for Apulia, Basilicata and Calabria of Assoenologi, the Italian association of enologists. .

Renowned for the love of their land, the Apollonio family has seen its winery grow unrestrainedly. The cellars of the company produce 1,500,000 bottles per year, divided into five different lines: Linea Apollonio, Linea Terre del Grico, Linea Rocca dei Mori, Linea Compagnia Vignaioli, and Linea Forte Incanto.

Among the many reds, suffice it to mention Terragnolo and Rocca dei Mori, Mani del Sud and the white wine Elfo. However, a word of appreciation goes to Divoto Copertino, an intense wine with a pleasantly persistent finish.

The company outstands in the production of barrel-aged wines featuring the experience of the long tradition coupled with a foresight for innovation based on the present experience.

Apollonio 1870 cantina degustazioni

Exported in almost 40 countries worldwide, its wines attest the international appeal of this winery; the wine production follows the same methods its founders believed in, while applying state-of-the-art technology to optimize the productive process and the marketing of its wines.

The rigorous selection of local grapes is the foundation of this company’s philosophy: the use of Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera, Susumaniello, and Bianco d’Alessano strengthens the connection of this winery with the territory. The Apollonio wines are a vital expression of the Salento area thanks to the commitment and mastery with which the Apollonio family conducts the continuous work and quality consistency, strongly rooted in the Apulian wine-making tradition.  



Appellation: Copertino Riserva DOP
Grapes: 70% Negroamaro, 30% Montepulciano.
Alcohol: 14 - 15% circa
Tasting Sheet: FIND OUT MORE 

Additional Info

  • Farm: APOLLONIO 1870
  • Address: Via S. Pietro in Lama, 7, 73047 Monteroni di Lecce (LE)
  • Phone number: +39 0832 327182
  • Website: www.apolloniovini.it
  • e-mail: info@apolloniovini.it
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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