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Cantina La Marchesa

Marika and Sergio - The owners of Cantina La Marchesa Marika and Sergio - The owners of Cantina La Marchesa
Marika and Sergio - The owners of Cantina La Marchesa || Marika and Sergio - The owners of Cantina La Marchesa || ||

Southern Italy offers immense beauty and history to the traveller. Cantina La Marchesa is located at Lucera, an important centre of the Capitanata, in the middle of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, in the mountainous region of the Daunia a district which is of historical and geographical importance, not far from that area's capital, Foggia, a territory where ancient abbeys merge into olive groves and rows of vineyards. The long winemaking tradition in this area is very ancient, it is believed, infact, that the first italic wine was produced from some vines of Apulia and Sicily already in the II millennium BC, evidence of this fact,was aquired by certain archeological finds of oenological art.

The town of Lucera is included in the Strada dei vini D.O.C. Of the Daunia and it is in this territory that in 1988 was created the Azienda Cantina la Marchesa, managed by Marika and Sergio. 15 hectares of vineyards surrounding the estate worked on exclusively by hand with competence and great professionality. The winemaking tradition is the pugliese one made of passion and love for the soil, to the point of using, as is written on the web site of the azienda “Trimmers from generations see to the trimming manually, a work done with expert eye to obtain the best from the plant”.

Cantina La Marchesa vigneti

This permits a quality in the cellar and consequently the production of a wine of excellence, like the wine “Nerone della Marchesa” a red wine, obtained from one of the most important vines of the Azienda, Nero di Troia, a red grape autoctonous vine, which for a long time was relegated to a secondary role, especially used to strengthen weaker wines. In recent times it has finally begun to obtain its rightful recognitions, showing that fermenting in purity one can obtain wines of excellence, as is absolutely the Nerone della Marchesa, and it is here that the mastery of Marika and Sergio comes into play, just for that attention to wine production which is absolutely not to be taken for granted, thanks to the attention to the whole winemaking chain, which give life then to the five labels present in the azienda which supply some very interesting whites: the Capriccio della Marchesa, Fiano 100%, the Quadrello Bombino Bianco 100%; or reds like the Cacc'è Mitte, a DOC wine, the denomination was attributed in 1975, its production is permitted only in the area between the foothills of the Appennino Dauno and in the territories of Lucera, Biccari, Troia, with blends of  Nero di Troia 60%, Montepulciano 30%, Bombino and finally a Rosè the Melograno, which is achieving great success, always produced with grapes Nero di Troia 100%.

The results are there for the viewing, seeing the repeatedly granted prizes for: the Capriccio della Marchesa 2014, Igt Daunia Fiano, silver medal at the 11th Concours Mondial des Vins Féminalise, or else the silver for the Melograno Igt Daunia Nero di Troia 2016', at the 14th edition of  Le Mondial du Rosé organized by the Union of the french oenologists, or the Golden Star assigned by Vini Buoni D'Italia for Nerone Igt Daunia 2012. Without doubt an excellent production which reflects all the essence of this land.


Il Nerone della Marchesa

Appellation: I.G.T  Daunia
Grapes: Nero di Troia 100%
Alcohol: 13,5°
Tasting Sheet: FIND OUT MORE

Additional Info

  • Address: Strada prov. N 8 al km 1 per Castelnuovo della Daunia-Lucera (FG)
  • Phone number: +39 0881 524000 - 329 0946868
  • Website: www.vinilamarchesa.it
  • e-mail: cantinalamarchesa@gmail.com
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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