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Marisa Cuomo

Marisa Cuomo Winery Marisa Cuomo Winery
 Marisa Cuomo's vineyards Marisa Cuomo's vineyards
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Italy’s Costiera Amalfitana is, along with France’s Côte d’Azur, the world’s most famous coastline, renowned for its sheer natural beauty and for the attractions it offers the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of visitors it attracts every year. The 25 mile stretch begins in the west at Positano and terminates in the east at Vietri sul Mare and presents along the way – a series of plunging views over  the sea as the roadway snakes its way eastward below breathtakingly steep cliffs – one wonder after another.

There are such enchanting towns such as Positano, the villas of Ravello, the cathedral and cloister of Amalfi, hotels with every possible creature comfort for its guests, and excellent restaurants which work the high quality products of the region’s agriculture. There are as well, vineyards whose vines, trained on pergolas hammered into the hard rock of the cliffs, often seem so steep as to be impossible to work by human hands.

And, in more recent times, the quality of the wines themselves have improved dramatically as greater and higher professional standards have taken holds among the producers, some of whom have come to this coastline from elsewhere, drawn to so unique an area and its fascinating life style. But one house stands out above the others and that is the Cantine Marisa Cuomo, which markets the wines under the name of Gran Furor Divina Costiera, trademarked in 1942.

The brand was acquired in 1980 by Andrea Ferraioli who purchased it as a sort of gift for his future wife, Marisa Cuomo. And proceeded, with the aid of Luigi Moio, southern Italy’s greatest winemaking consultant, to realize a series of marvels which thrown into light the exceptional aromas and flavors of the traditional grapes of the zone. Ample, rich, and velvety the Costa d’Amalfi Ravello Riserva and Furore Riserva, subtle, complex, intriguing, and fragrant the Costa d’Amalfi Furore Bianco Fiorduva. Wines which match their place of birth in their incomparability.     

Furore Bianco Fiorduva

Appellation: Costa d’Amalfi DOC
Graoes: 40% Ripoli, 30% Ginestra, 30% Fenile
Alcohol: 14°

Additional Info

  • Address: Via G.B. Lama 16/18, 84010 Furore (SA)
  • Phone number: +39 089 830348 - +39 338 9213237
  • Telefax: +39 089 8304014
  • Website: www.marisacuomo.com
  • e-mail: info@marisacuomo.com
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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