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The vineyards of Quintodecimo in the Irpina area The vineyards of Quintodecimo in the Irpina area
The vineyards of Quintodecimo in the Irpina area|The owners Laura and Luigi Moio The vineyards of Quintodecimo in the Irpina area|The owners Laura and Luigi Moio ||

“Born to the trade” is an American locution to indicate an esteemed professional who, in addition to his own gifts and talents, has benefitted from being born to a family whose traditions, experience, and acquired capabilities give him a head start in life and career. The word, however, seems totally inadequate to describe the achievements of Luigi Moio, producer, researcher, master teacher, and counselor who has inspired the efforts of many of the most important houses of Italy’s south and has become, in his own right, the creator of some of the area’s most exquisite wines, both red and white.

The story begin in the township of Mondragone in the north of Campania where Michele Moio, in the early 1950’s, began to create interesting wines in an area which, in the ancient world, produced Falernum, the greatest wine of the Mediterranean world. His son, after studies at the University of Portici near Naples, became a researcher in France and then returned to Italy to become professor of oenology in Naples. At the same time, his professional life included a series of collaborations with houses in Italy’s south, many of whom – thanks to his gifted advice and leadership – became very significant names in this part of the country. But, like many another major oenologist, the not so secret desire to become a producer in his own right was always part of his plans, and took concrete form in the Campania region’s most historic and prestigious zone, Irpinia in the provincial of Avellino.

There, in the township of Mirabella Eclano, together with his wife Laura Di Marzio, he founded an estate which has now grown to 50 acres of vineyards and a state of the art cellar. The house is not only become an absolute leader in terms of the quality of its wines, but a sort of laboratory as well where Moio - for whom research has always been at the center of his work and whose results can be read in his excellent book on the aromas of wine - experiments new oenological and viticultural techniques. Available now to a grateful public in the form of his Fiano d’Avellino DOCG Exultet, Greco di Tufo DOCG Giallo d’Arles, Irpinia Falanghina DOC Via del Campo and Irpinia Aglianico DOC Terra d’Eclano. And above all in his two superb versions of Taurasi Riserva DOCG Vigna Grande Cerzito and  Vigna Quintodecimo.


Grande Cerzito

Appellation: Taurasi D.O.C.G.
Grapes: Aglianico 100%
Alcohol: 14,5°

Additional Info

  • Address: Via San Leonardo 27, 83036 Mirabella Eclano (AV)
  • Phone number: +39 0825 449321
  • Telefax: +39 0825 438978
  • Website: www.quintodecimo.it
  • e-mail: info@quintodecimo.it
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES, by reservation only
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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