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Every Italian region has its house, or houses, which embody the tradition their area, have played a leading role over generations, or has produced the wines which have created the image and identity of the region itself. In the Italian south which, during the major part of the modern era produced blending wine, there is lesser presence of names of this sort, but one example which unquestionably stands out is that of the Mastroberardino of Avellino, the historic leaders of Campania if not of the entire southern part of Italy.

Producers since the mid-17th century, already registered at the Chamber of Commerce of their province  in 1878 and, in the 20th century, a name already present in the most significant export markets: northern Europe and North and South America as well. The influence of the family is also based on its insistence on the significance, the quality potential, and the cultural importance of the patrimony of local grape varieties, many of which arrived with the first Greek settlers many centuries before the birth of Christ.

In the 1990’s and the early years of the new millennium, many area of Italy were flooded by new international varieties in the false and illusory belief that this was the sole way to “improve” their wines and make them a force in world markets. A theory which never tempted the Mastroberardino to the slightest degree and helped keep Campania almost entirely free of these intrusions. The house and family now possesses some 500 acres of vineyards in many of the choicest spots in their entire region.

The range is very ample, the line includes all the significant zones and grapes of their region, eh viticulture has been renewed, and the winemaking profited from some of the most informed counsels and counselors in the world. All that’s left to do is to list the many major offerings: Lacryma Christi Bianco, Fiano d’Avellino More Maiorum, Greco di Tufo Nuova Serra, Morabianca, Taurasi Radici, Taurasi Riserva Radici, Taurasi Naturalis Historia. The fruit of generations of work and faith in a territory.


Naturalis Historia

Naturalis Historia Taurasi Mastroberardino 2009

Denominazione: Taurasi DOCG
Uve: Aglianico 100%
Grado Alcolico: 14°

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