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Il Verro

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The winery Il Verro is located in the South of Italy, in Acquavalle, Campania, on the slopes of Monte Maggiore, in Formicola (province of Caserta) in a valley among the Monti Trebulani.

The green, luscious landscape offers a succession of woods and small hamlets exuding history and memories of the House of Bourbon. The vineyards take advantage of the mild climate, the perfect elevation (about 330 meters a.s.l.) and the mineral waters of the Riardo.

The company owns about 14 hectares, of which only four are dedicated to the vineyards, as they are rich in lava and facing South South-East. The production is 20,000 bottles per year from three indigenous varieties: Casavecchia, Pallagrello Bianco and Nero, and Coda di Pecora. The wines produced are marked Igt Terre del Volturno (regional geographical indication).

Cesare Avenia Il Verro

In photo Cesare Avenia, the owner

The history of the variety Casavecchia is really ancient and symbolic of the valley of the Middle Volturno, even Pliny the Elder mentions it in the 14th book of his Naturalis Historia.

Pallagrello (meaning chubby) Bianco and Nero is a fine and rare variety, precious heritage that offers high-quality results.

The third variety, Coda di Pecora, saved from obscurity by Il Verro, has been rediscovered and reevaluated. This variety was used in ancient times by the farmers to make their house wine. Il Verro has destined one hectare to this vine, and thanks to careful work and experiments, Sheep, the wine produced is truly unrestrainable. A word of appreciation goes to Lautonis Casavecchia Terre del Volturno IGP that may be described as deep, scented and persistent.

The new adventure that Il Verro and the five friends who have been defying fate since the 1960’s with their initiative, is the production of organic wine. The winery has recently achieved the certification of organic farming and production of organic wines, which will surely maintain the quality that has featured this company through the years.


Monte Maggiore

Appellation: IGP Terre del Volturno
Grapes: Casavecchia 100%
Alcohol: 13°

Additional Info

  • Farm: IL VERRO
  • Address: Località Acquavalle, Lautoni, 81040 Formicola CE
  • Phone number: 335 1223462
  • Website: www.ilverro.it
  • e-mail: info@ilverro.it
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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