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Fattoria la Rivolta

Fattoria la Rivolta's cellar Fattoria la Rivolta's cellar
Fattoria la Rivolta's cellar|Details from Fattoria la Rivolta|Fattoria la Rivola and its vineyards in autumn| Fattoria la Rivolta Wine barrels Fattoria la Rivolta's cellar|Details from Fattoria la Rivolta|Fattoria la Rivola and its vineyards in autumn| Fattoria la Rivolta Wine barrels ||

The area surrounding Benevento has confirmed to be increasingly suitable to quality wine making; in fact, it holds the first place in wine production in Campania, in terms of quantity, but most of all quality.

In the last few years, the area has been standing off due the exponential production of quality wine. The growth can be explained with the suitable conditions of the soil and the climate, as well as with the availability of excellent varieties. But we cannot forget the contribution that modern technologies, effective tools and competent professionals working in the area bring.  We are also speaking of the quality assurance of the regions of Taburno and Sannio. All these elements allowed the area to become privileged and to attract model wineries expressing the typically varied splendor of the area, with a notable production.

Fattoria La Rivolta nel beneventano

All this applied to certified organic Fattoria La Rivolta di Torrecuso, owned by the Cotroneo family for almost a century. Paolo Cotroneo, who represents the third generation, has managed it since 1997, supported by a remarkable staff. 

The winery covers about 31 hectares in Torrecuso, in the province of Benevento, exactly in contrada Rivolta, within the regional park of the Taburno.

Fattoria la Rivolta a Torrecuso

The vineyards are located on the slopes of the hills just at the foot of the Taburno Camposauro, an isolated calcareous massif of the Apennine in Campania. The river Calore flows from North West, running towards the plains of the Telesina Valley. The soil supporting the vineyards is rich in clay and limestone. The white varieties used are: falanghina, coda di volpe, fiano and greco; the red varieties are aglianico and piedirosso. The workforce managed by Vincenzo Mercurio follows the process in the cellars once the grapes have been harvested.

Through the years, the company has expanded, and nowadays the wines from Fattoria La Rivolta are shipped to countries such as Canada, Ireland, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Malesia, Australia, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

There is a wide range of wines to choose from. For the white wines: Greco DOP Sannio - subarea Taburno, Fiano Dop Sannio- subarea Taburno, Coda di volpe DOP Sannio - subarea Taburno, the elegantly scented Sogno di Rivolta IGT Beneventano made with 50% Falanghina, 25% Fiano and 25% Greco; and Falanghina del Sannio DOP – subarea Taburno.

Fattoria la Rivolta Cantina

Among the red wines, the excellently pleasant Terra di Rivolta Aglianico of the Taburno Riserva, the Simbiosi Beneventano Rosso IGP, the Piedirosso DOP Sannio - subarea Taburno, the Aglianico del Taburno DOCG, and lastly the rosé Le Mongolfiere a San Bruno Aglianico of the Taburno Rosato DOCG.

All these wines reflect the features of the area and the commitment of the Fattoria la Rivolta.




Appellation: Beneventano Rosso IGP
Grapes: 85% Aglianico e 15% piedirosso
Alcohol: 14°

Additional Info

  • Address: Contrada Rivolta 82030 Torrecuso (BN)
  • Phone number: +39 0824 872921
  • Website: www.fattorialarivolta.com
  • e-mail: info@fattorialarivolta.com
  • Tasting on the Farm: YES
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: YES

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