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Cantine dell'Angelo

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The Greco di Tufo is a wine that has formed part of the history of Italy since the first century. B.C., known and appreciated by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The ancient Greeks in fact transplanted it in the province of Avellino, where it was able to adapt itself perfectly, thanks to the unusual mineral qualities of the terrain. The wine in fact represents this territory very well, especially when left to express itself in the right way, and certainly the Cantine dell’Angelo winery does this in a masterly manner. Situated in the borough of Tufo, it only cultivates Greco di Tufo grapes with a low agricultural impact.

Its five hectares are divided into two areas: the Campanaro plot, 600 meters above sea level and lying on the ancient sulphur mines, and the Torrefavale plot. This really unique area of ​​production gives the wine exclusive organoleptic characteristics, containing all the power nature can offer. The history of wine teaches us, however, that it is not enough for really fine wines just to be produced in the right place, but they also need people who know how to care for them or, as in this case, the right generation. In fact, the Muto family has been growing its vineyards in a traditional way since 1970, following a tradition that has been handed down from father to son.

This is now the third generation and Angelo Muto’s excellent grounding, combined with the skill of Luigi Sarno, his oenologist, has led to a farsighted project. They have in fact been making wine solely with their own Greco di Tufo grapes since 2006. The grapes are hand-checked one by one and the must, obtained after  a gentle pressing, is fermented at a low temperature to ensure that all the aromas of the vine are fully protected. The wine is only bottled after having reached a natural fullness of maturation and therefore without any artificial acceleration processes.

The end result is of very high quality and with unrepeatable properties, as can be found in the Greco di Tufo Miniere, a white wine, golden yellow in colour, with a fresh and pleasantly sulphurous sip, and the Greco di Tufo Torrefavale, brighter in colour and more pronounced in the mouth. A truly original and unmistakable offer.


Appellation: Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G.
Grapes: Greco di Tufo 100%
Alcohl: 13,5°

Additional Info

  • Address: Via Santa Lucia 32, 83010 Tufo (AV)
  • Phone number: +39 0825 998073
  • Website: www.cantinedellangelo.com
  • e-mail: info@cantinedellangelo.com
  • Tasting on the Farm: No
  • Direct Sales on the Farm: No

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