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Casale del Giglio
Lazio is not a region that can claim many large wine making farms dedicated to creating wines of quality and unfortunately there are not many houses that try to move in this direction. Even so, after an experience lasting over 20 years, the project of the Casale del Giglio has shown that the Agro Pontino has plenty of potential for reaching peaks of true excellence. Nevertheless, in spite of two decades of excellent initiatives and brilliant results, this house, belonging to Antonio Santarelli and Paolo Tiefenthaler, has not been followed by any other farms, as we would instead have expected. Precisely the lack of a consolidated tradition of quality in the area initially encouraged the partners to carry out serious and rigorous experiments on the local vines, which have proved to be right and highly successful.

Casale del Giglio

When analysing the excellent production we can find the Mater Matuta 2007, made from Syrah and Petit Verdot grapes, an uninterrupted deep ruby red throughout with a bouquet of woodland berries and complex and silky on the palate, while its well-structured and rounded body is due to the dense and well-integrated tannins. The Madreselva 2007, made from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot grapes, is a fine Bordeaux-style blend, dark ruby red in colour, where the well amalgamated olfactory virtues of the three vines - jam, mint and liquorice - give refinement and roundness to the flavour, thanks to the well balanced and soft tannins. The Aphrodisium 2009, a sweet white wine made from Viognier, Greco, Fiano and Petit Manseng grapes, is harvested late and is a beautiful golden yellow in colour, with a bouquet of dried fruit, citrus fruit and herbs and is sweet, fat, rounded and full mouthed, without being cloying on the palate, with a long aftertaste.
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